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We are licensed by the PRC and City of ABQ

We are licensed by the Public Regulations Commission to provide tour and sightseeing service (as defined by NMPRC Motor Transportation rules Motor Carrier Act) from points and places in Bernalillo County, New Mexico, to points and places in Bernalillo, New Mexico and return. 

Certificate/PRC NO. 56491

We are licensed by the City of Albuquerque to operate a in the city limits of Albuquerque 

License number PTO12420

Breaking Bad RV Tours is a registered trademark and has no affiliation with the show Breaking Bad nor does Breaking Bad RV Tours claim to be a part of the show. We provide tour and sightseeing services in a replica RV that has been modified and is not an exact representation or likeness as the vehicle used on the Show Breaking Bad. The tour is a tribute and was inspired by the show Breaking Bad.

 WARNING If you are taking a tour in an unlicensed Tour and Sight seeing Company, you could be at financial risk in the event of accident.  Also knowingly operating a unlicensedTour and Sightseeing Service is breaking the Law